Indoor weddings are deemed solemn. Outdoor weddings can be too. It depends upon how it has been planned and the type of set up. Why do you think most couples of today would prefer having their wedding ceremonies held outdoors? Let’s get right into the details and find out.


Yes, you have to admit that outdoor weddings are camera-friendly. The natural light of the day, the sunset where the sun shines bright or dimmer, the sky looks wonderful upon you… That amazing combination of the moon and the stars making the whole scene look romantic.


Yes, outdoor weddings are camera friendly because the light source are natural and the feel of the moment is revived from the earth. You don’t have to rely onto those additional lights no more…

You can personalize it all you want.OUTDOOR 3

When you have an amazing garden or an amusing poolside, an outdoor wedding held there would just be perfect. There will be no limitations for you except of course the number of guests. You don’t have to worry about ventilation because everything is natural. All you have to do is personalize the place according to your motif. You will be the boss.


If you want to make everything look lavish without having to spend too much, choosing the outdoors to have your wedding ceremony at would just be wonderful. Even the party venue at the same place would just be as fantastic. You don’t have to worry about having to pay more if the party lasts for a few more hours.


That wedding at a beautiful garden during spring time, a very romantic one held during sunset in the summer… Imagine how great an outdoor wedding can be for you not just because it’s in but it’s beautiful and of course, beneficial to you and your significant other as you start a new chapter of your lives together as a married couple.



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