New York is like an empire and what Alicia Keys considers it in her song Empire State of Mind. While the streets look busy, people dream to be a part of the “concrete jungle” where everyone would look classy, trashy and elegant all the same. Alicia is right for saying that in this place, there’s nothing that you can’t do. It looks the same when it comes to the NYC Wedding Cinematography. What defines it then?

Since we claim that there’s nothing we can’t do in the big apple, the big possibilities to create magic in photos especially during weddings are just like the big lights in the streets – they shine! There are those that we want to achieve though especially on weddings. We’ve listed them down for you.

nyc wedding photos

nyc wedding photos

Cinematic. That cinematic feel of the wedding video as though it were for a Hollywood movie – that’s an expectation today and it makes it extra special! You don’t really have to pretend that you are movie stars or something because you already are the focus of the big lights and those cameras. If you’re in the mood for a little bit more of an effort, a cinematic video will be so much fun!

Documentary. Others would prefer for their cinematography type to be just as factual. The “real life” matter of fact feel of a wedding where it tells the story based on facts. A documentary film or video is made with no fiction at all. Just plain beauty in being natural… Simple yet will definitely take you back where it all started.

Big lights will certainly inspire you when it comes to NYC Cinematography. There is a different level of creativity that cinematographers here have been trained for. If you want your wedding to be special – make sure you have everything captured not just the still life of it but how things and people have moved around, laughed, had fun and celebrated with you as a couple on a big day to always remember. Shrug away those reservations. You may no longer bring back the wedding day but you can always reminisce how beautiful a day started your journey and remind you of how much love there was until you grow old. While events end, memories don’t they never will.

nyc wedding videography


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