“This is a great day, and it’s not just a great day because we get to celebrate with friends and family – and to rejoice with people that we love. Even more, it’s a great day because we have an opportunity to praise God and to bring him glory. Marriage is the gift of God, given for our joy and our comfort. It is a great gift and a unique opportunity to model a deeper reality that is the love Jesus Christ has for his Bride – and laid down his life for her. So we’re here today to celebrate love. The love between Fendy and Benny, yes, and what they’re love reflects. That is the love that God has for his people, his Bride.” Opening words that welcomed loved ones to the sacred union of Fendy & Benny. To say this day was filled to the brim with gratitude, love and prayer, would be an understatement. This Bride & Groom glowed from the inside out, radiating pure joy and happiness for all that’s been, and for all that’s to come together as a couple. They exchanged vows, pledging life-long commitment to one another – and they did so in style. Fendy looked stunning in a voluminous, strapless, ball gown with a matching floor length veil. The delicate beaded belt, and diamond cross worn around her neck, completed the Bride’s look. Benny, handsome as ever, was dressed in a light grey tux with matching vest and a baby pink bow tie. To complement the main attraction, F&B had a wedding party that were ever so chic. For a greater glimpse into this couple’s special day, go ahead and click play!

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