Choosing the right engagement ring is hard enough, so you would think that purchasing a wedding band wouldn’t be as difficult. Well, you’re right. Of course, only if you let me guide you in the right direction. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to your wedding band selection:

1) Matching is cool for newborn twins or Junior High School besties, but not for newlyweds. Make sure your bands are a reflection of your own individual styles. Besides, it’s not like you leave the house each morning wearing matching outfits – at least I hope not.

2) Though you don’t want to buy the exact same rings, be sure that they have at least one element that’s along the same lines. For instance, a similar engraving is always a nice touch, or even stones of the same shape. Some may differ, but I think at the very least, they should be of the same metal.

3) Speaking of metals, make sure your engagement ring and wedding band are made of the same metal, too. It makes for a more cohesive and clean look. Not to mention, metals change with time. When they’re new, they may look the same but as they age, their color will change.

4) We know you’re fancy and may like the finer things in life, but please do not choose a band that overpowers your engagement ring. You want to wear these bands together, and your engagement ring should always be the statement piece. Think of the band as a beautiful complementary accent piece.

Before I forget, just a quick reminder that although I love eternity bands, especially those with diamonds or other stones around it, it is difficult to have it resized should you lose or gain weight. Just some food for thought. No pun intended. Until next time!

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